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I make reviews and opinions about Small Marketcap Altcoins that nobody knows about until it's too late.

Crypto Candor

My name is Alex and I’m a registered dietitian turned crypto enthusiast. My goal is educate myself, and hopefully help others in the process!

Crypto Novice

I'm passionate about blockchain and crypto-currencies, I make the most of my channel to help investors

The Crypto CEO

Uncensured and no-bullshit cryptocurrency news, rants and trading tips, by a crypto-fintech company's CEO

Mark McCrypto

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, ICO Analyst. Founder of CrypChronicles TV and Believer in Blockchain, Defender of the Corn (BTC).

Life Zoltar

Life Zoltar is a YouTube channel on making a better life. From finances to cryptocurrencies and health to wellness, this channel will give you knowledge and insight into all things life.

Bitcoin for Beginners

Bitcoin For Beginners is a community focused on helping beginners get started in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Coin Update

Coin Update is a German YouTube creator. In the meantime, the website has also become one of the most visited crypto news sources in the German-speaking countries.


CoinCheck TV is a German Youtube channel and one of the biggest communities in the German crypto space. Visit the website for more information.

King Crypto

I am a Bitcoin/Crypto enthusiast and my goal is teach others the value of the Blockchain.

Bitcoin Update

Budget Coach Bitcoin Specialist | Marketing Genius | Entrepreneur | Blogger YouTube LIVE Host

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